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Discover the main features of Web Slider

Add animation to any website or app

It does not matter what technology you used to get your website live. Is it build using HTML, CMS, Wordpress, Static Site Generator, Framework like React or Angular. With Web Slider app you can create animation for your website.

Go live in two clicks using buckets

Connect the Web Slider app to your AWS S3 bucket or Linode Storage Object and get a two click publish option. Add multiple buckets for different stages, Development, QA and Production, to be more enterprise and more confident. Furthermore, having slider on a bucket allows you to add one slider to multiple websites and vice versa, add many sliders in one website.

Start developing extension in a minute

Yes, you can literally start developing your extension in a minute. We provide a simple and easy solution for developers and companies to start developing, debugging and using their custom extensions like objects and animations in the Web Slider app. Explore Sample Object and Sample Animation on GitHub.

import { ICheckboxInput, InputType } from "webslider-sdk/lib/inputs/i-inputs";
import { IAnimationDefinition } from "webslider-sdk/lib/animations/i-animation-types";
import { ANIMATION_UID, IAnimation } from "./animation-types";
import icon from "../static/icon.svg";

 * Properties Form type definition
export type ISampleTuple = [ICheckboxInput<"myBooleanProperty">];

 * Properties Form definition
export const sampleDefinition: IAnimationDefinition<ISampleTuple> = {
  name: "My Awesome Animation",
  form: [
      displayName: "My Boolean Input",
      propertyName: "checkboxInputSample",
      inputType: InputType.CHECKBOX,
      value: true,
      defaultValue: true,

 * Animation configuration and default values for properties
export const sampleDefaults: IAnimation = {
  hasDelay: true,
  hasDuration: true,
  hasEase: false,
  hasChildEase: false,
  ease: "none",
  supportedAnimationTypes: ["in", "out"],
  canBeCombined: true,
  // animation properties specific to my animation
  myBooleanProperty: true,

 * Name, Desc and icon
export const sampleMeta = {
  description: "Boilerplate for creating Animation for Web Slider",
  icon: icon,

Rich responsive configuration

Responsive behavior can be set in a multiple ways. First, you can set visible or hidden individual Layers for some devices. Then, Layout of individual element can have per device configuration. At any time, you can adjust devices breakpoint configuration to adjust global responsive behavior.


Object and Animations are core building blocks of Web Slider. They could provide basic functionality like adding Youtube video or they could perform some more complex operations, like displaying text or image form external resources e.g. JSON feeds. The Web Slider application has a built-in Extension library where you can browse and install extensions.
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"Web Slider has been a great choice for our company. It makes easy for as to update Sliders across multiple web platforms for multiple clients by utilizing Publish to S3 bucket feature."

Bradley King, CEO
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